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Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Preparations for your wedding include a lot of things for sure, ranging from wedding dress, wedding chapel, photography, foods, or even small but important things like wedding shoes. In wedding ceremony, especially for women wedding shoes is undoubtedly one the most important things to choose in our wedding ceremony. Since wedding is a special day for women, every little thing has to be perfect in our wedding ceremony. Because every living woman in this world want to look perfect from head to toe at least for one moment in their lifes. And for many woman that moment is of course their wedding day, everything has to be perfect, including yourself, you have to be as pretty as possible.

    So in that case wedding shoes is absolutely very important. Choosing a wedding shoes for your D-day can be a little demanding, not only for woman but also for the groom-to-be when they accompany their woman to choose a wedding shoes, it my be more frustating for them. Because there are so many variation of wedding shoes, ranging from colors, shades, and etc. From designer shoes, discounted shoes, or cheap wedding shoes, they are all your choices. But in most ocassion mostly people choose bland color for their wedding shoes, the most common is ivory wedding shoes. Because using ivory wedding shoes is a safe choice for most people, it is just simply beautiful, just like the wedding theme.

    Using an ivory wedding shoes will make you stay classic and elagant. And the simplicity will add to more gorgeousness. But even though ivory wedding shoes may be the most common sometimes some women try a more daring wedding shoes, choosing the risquer one like leopard print wedding shoes. Sure it looks good too especially for the kind of woman who have high self confidence, it will only add positiveness to their confidence image.